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Primary Types of Wheelchair / Scooter Lifts

These products are only for transportation of a mobility device and are not designed to lift a person. Determination of appropriate application requires make & model of both the Automobile and the Mobility device (usually printed on the scooter) & is limited by weight carrying capacity as listed in automobile Owner's manual.

  • Platform Lift: Engineered for easy operation, an Interior Platform Lift is one of the most popular options for stowing a wheelchair or scooter inside a vehicle.Simply drive your mobility device onto platform, press a button, and your equipment is safely & securely tucked away inside your minivan, full-size van, or SUV (limited applications) NOTE: 3rd-row seats become unusable.

  • Crane-Style Lift: Available for a wide variety of vehicles, A Crane/hoist lift is an effective solution for lifting and transporting Mobility equipment.Standing at the rear of your vehicle, connect the supplied docking device on the hoist strap to the wheelchair or scooter. Push a button to lift & store your mobility device (up to 400lb) into your Pickup truck, SUV or van

  • Outside and Hitch-Mount Lifts: Keep all of your vehicle's interior space for seating and cargo by transporting your scooter or powerchair with an exterior lift. Durable, safe and reliableNOTE: Tongue-weight carrying capacity as listed in the vehicle owner's manual must not be exceeded

  • Wheeled Lifts: The newest type lift on the market, designed especially for small or mid-size vehicles, Bruno's revolutionary Chariot, is a lift on wheels! With its own independent suspension, itto bear the full weight and force of the load. Transport devices weighing up to 350 lbs safely. The Chariot's wheels spin 360 degrees to keep it precisely in line with your car. It's impossible to jack-knife! Great for most sedans, select SUVs, CUVs and minivans.

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Harmar Inside Lifts

Hoist Lifts • If you’d rather avoid adding extra inches...to the outside of your car, or space is already tight when parking in the garage, a hoist lift may be best for you. Mounted in the vehicle’s cargo area, these lifts help safely transport manual wheelchairs, powerchairs,...

Harmar Outside Lifts

Hitch Mounted Lifts • Hitch-mounted lifts are fantastic choices...when looking to save your vehicle’s cargo area while transporting your manual wheelchair, scooter, or powerchair. With your mobility device secured to the rear of your car, you’ll be ready to hit the road. •...

Harmar Hybrid Lifts

Hybrid Lifts • Easily load your powerchair or scooter into your...vehicle’s cargo space with Harmar’s sleek hybrid lifts. Storing your mobility device inside the vehicle protects it from harsh weather and debris while on the road. • Interior storage of your mobility...

Harmar Truck Lifts

Truck Lifts • Safely transport your manual wheelchair, powerchair,...or scooter inside your vehicle while maintaining use of your vehicle’s backup camera and saving garage space with a hoist lift! Hoist lifts act as cranes, hooking onto your mobility device and lifting them into the...

Occupied Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lift Buyers Guide. Learn Which Wheelchair Lift Is Ideal For...You or you Van. Compare Models and Read Reviews To Determine The Wheelchair Lift Best For Your...

Speedy Lift

Speedy Lift by Adapt Solutions • Simply back an empty wheelchair...up to the SPEEDY-LIFT and push the IN button. The SPEEDY-LIFT picks up the chair and secures it in place. • The compact design takes up very little space. In most cases, only one seat is removed from the inside of...