VMI Summit

Paving the way for VMI is the Summit conversion placed on the Chrysler Town & Country.Featuring a durable, fold out ramp that will be reliable in any climate in addition to having side rails on the ramp for extra security and safety.Capitalizing on noise-minimizing engineering paired with a extensive selection of Chrysler trim levels this Chrysler Summit will be a joy to travel in.

VMI Summit Fold Out Ramp

Having a bi-fold ramp built of durable materials ensures a long lasting ramp without creating blind spots while driving.Having 2'' side rails on the ramp will also ease stress when entering or exiting this vehicle.

VMI Summit PowerKneel

Using a hydraulic power kneel keeps the ramp angle low for easy access.

Summit Removable Front Seat

To maximize greater independence and flexibility the VMI Summit has removable seating.Pull up to the steering wheel from your power wheelchair or ride in the passenger area in comfort.