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Custom Door Kits

Custom Doors Kits

Our manufacturer is the leading global manufacturer of all types of hinge door systems for vehicles. Their tradition of designing, building, and testing of state of the art hinge systems that are also custom made upon special request. They operate with a long term vision of offering the finest range of custom hinge technologies available in today’s market. At present, they are the most renowned manufacturer in the worldwide market for bolts on specialty suicide doors, lambo doors, and different hinge applications, including custom one off/military grade.



Lambo Doors

Lifetime warranty and require NO modifications

Lambo doors have always been one of their major areas of specialization. They manufacture direct weld on and bolt on lambo door hinges for vehicles belonging to more than 750 makes and models. Their lambo door hinges are the most preferred choice in the market because they open much further in both directions comparing to others in the market. Their state of the engineering ensures that the lambo door hinges never come out of its adjustment. These hinges never move or sag over a period of time. To ensure rigid and sturdy conversion for your vehicle, only 6061 billet aluminum or thick high carbon steel is used to manufacture bolt on lambo door hinges.



Suicide Doors

Quality built product that will last a lifetime

We are proud to work with the only manufacturer in the market that manufactures unique suicide doors for all types of vehicles. Instead of offering an universal fit design, their suicide door conversions are designed keeping each specific vehicle into consideration. To ensure quality built and long life, their suicide door hinges are only manufactured using at least ½ inch thick steel and 5/8 inch thick aluminum. In addition to traditional 90 degree suicide doors, they also manufacture top quality, 180 degree suicide doors. These 180 degree hinges allow users the freedom of opening their doors fully in a way that keeps them parallel to the vehicle’s body. Their specially designed zero flex hinges are tailor-made for daily driven vehicles.



Gull Wing ZLR Doors

Specifically designed to work on your unique vehicle

World class Gull Wing doors hinges are yet another specialty. Their Gull Wing Door kits can be lifted straight up by 180 degrees to ensure they are perpendicular to the ground. They provide a lifetime warranty on all their door conversions. Instead of fixed point fittings, they use dual pivot end fittings for gas lift supports so that the lifespan of the shocks are extended.



Shaved Doors

Kits come with two remote key fobs for activation

They also have shaved door kits of the highest quality for over 1000 vehicle makes and models. These are designed to be easily upgradable and compatible with your existing OEM key fobs and car alarms. The shaved door kits are manufactured from heavy duty solenoids to ensure extraordinary durability. No matter how complex your hinge door systems related requirements are, contact us for the best in the market.


Lambo Doors

•Direct bolt on and weld on lambo door hinges for over 750 different makes and models of vehicles that come complete in a master install kit with everything required to do the installation for both doors.

• Can't find hinges for your vehicle? We can have them manufacture a custom, direct bolt on set for you that will bolt directly onto your existing door hinges mounting holes.

• All lambo door hinges open in both directions, further than other hinges available.

• The bolt on lambo door hinges are engineered to never come out of adjustment. Even with daily use and abuse, the lambo door hinges kits will not sag or move over time.

• All Lambo door hinges come with a lifetime warranty and require NO modifications be done to your vehicle’s existing door and latch assembly.

• Gas lift supports that are engineered specifically for lambo door hinges are used.

• The gas lift supports use dual pivot end fittings rather than a fixed point fitting. This eliminates any sideways pressure on the gas lift support and extends the lifespan of your shock.

• The bolt on lambo door hinges are made from thick high carbon steel and/or 6061 billet aluminum to ensure that your conversion will be rigid and sturdy on your vehicle. The weld on systems are drop forged and machined to your vehicles overall specs. With CNC and manual machining processes utilized for press fit and machined pivot points that withstand the test of time. TIG welding and fine thread fasteners of proper tensile strength are also used for each specific application.

• Most lambo door hinges only open 65 degrees. This makes it hard to get in and out of the vehicle. These hinge systems open a minimum of 75 degrees vertically, some applications allow for 120 degrees of opening.

• Lambo Doors are also called, Scissor Doors and Vertical Doors…
Yet they all refer to hinges that open your existing door in the no compromise approach that was originally made famous by Lamborghini.

Suicide Doors

Our manufacturer is the only manufacturer to produce the highest quality suicide doors for each unique vehicle. They offer suicide door conversions that are designed to work with each specific vehicle, they don’t just offer a universal fit hinge. This saves you time on the installation and ensures that you get a quality product that will work with your vehicle. Because of this, their systems are also the lowest cost, installed hinges available on the market today!

• A minimal of 5/8 inch thick aluminum or 1/2 thick steel is used when fabricating our suicide door hinges. This guarantees a quality built product that will last a lifetime.

• They don’t just manufacture traditional 90 degree suicide doors, theu manufacture 180 degree suicide doors as well! The 180 degree hinges allow you to open your doors fully so that they are parallel with the body of the vehicle. But don’t worry, they built in safety stoppers to ensure that the doors won’t rub your paint job!

• Because the Suicide Doors are vehicle specific, the hinges install faster than any other Suicide Doors on the market! Your installer will appreciate this and so will your wallet!

• The Suicide Doors are designed to be used on daily driven vehicles so they have designed a zero-flex hinge that will not come out of adjustment. their suicide doors are built to withstand the abuse of everyday use. We guarantee that the hinges will not sag or buckle when installed.

• These Suicide Doors are compatible with Automatic Door opening systems to provide you with a hands-free suicide door system.

• The Suicide Door hinges are made from thick high carbon steel and/or 6061 billet aluminum to ensure that your conversion will be rigid and sturdy on your vehicle. The 180 degree hinges are drop forged and machined to your vehicles overall specs. They utilize CNC and manual machining processes for press fit and machined pivot points that withstand the test of time. TIG welding and fine thread fasteners of proper tensile strength are also used for each specific application.

Suicide doors are probably the original door modification. They were introduced early on in some production vehicles for good reason, they really are a classy and functional way to modify your door opening on two and four door cars and trucks, suvs, semi trucks, military vehicle, and the list goes on. Simply put, suicide doors make any vehicle look good and easier to get in and out of.

When they decided to enter this market, there were only the standard opening universal fit hinges. The quality of the hinges is typically sub par from too thin metals and without proper bushings and clearances. Even now these universal hinges are sold everywhere online, and they are tempting because of their low price upfront. Because they were originally designed for an S10 pickup truck, these hinges are causing a lot problems for installers and customers alike, because trying to install them requires a lot of fabrication work that often results in sloppy, wobbly doors. Here are some two and four door examples:

Offering suicide hinges that are not only designed for the vehicle they are installed on, but also available in 90 and 180 degree opening:

Gull Wing ZLR Doors

Our manufacturer's Gull Wing Door kits can be installed on vehicles with out window frames.

Their gull wing door kits are vehicle specific so they are designed to work on your unique vehicle. This makes the installation much easier and faster than with other brands of Gull Wing kits on the market.

Most people think of the Delorean from Back to the Future when they think of Gull Wing Doors, but by changing where you mount the Gull wing hinges on your vehicle you can change the appearance of the conversion.

Gull Wing Door hinges are 50% weld on 50% bolt on.

All of the door conversions are backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Gull Wing Door Hinges can lift 180 degree straight up in the air so that they are completely perpendiular with the ground!

Their gas lift supports use dual pivot end fittings rather than a fixed point fitting. This eliminates and sideways pressure on the gas lift support and extends the lifespan of your shock.

Our Gull Wing Doors use special gas lift supports designed specifically for Gull Wing Doors. We don’t use regular automotive grade shocks to support the weight of your doors like many of our competitors do.

In the last 25 years, a lot has changed with the design and use of these hinges. In fact, Gull Wing Doors are the fastest growing segment of aftermarket door hinge kits, because they rarely take up any more room than regular doors, and are easy to get in and out of on the go.

Gull Wing, are also called Butterfly Doors or ZLR Doors but they all allow you to open your doors straight up along the roof line or angles with the windshield of your car. The way you chose to install your Gull Wing Hinges depends on your vehicles design and your personal preference.

LEFT: Delorean Style RIGHT: Mercedes SLR & ZLR Style

They account for these factors and more by designing a Gull Wing Kit door hinge for your vehicle that has No flex and can be installed on the roof line, making your doors go straight up, or on the front of the door, making the door open at the angle of the windshield B pillar. These hinges can also be installed on the rear doors with the same options. Regardless of how you decide your door should open, the end result is a unique looking rock solid door system that is easy to get in and out of, and sets your vehicle apart from just about anything on the road.

When it comes to installing gullwing door hinges its actually a lot easier than you might think. They use a combination bolt on and weld on installation technique and, because they are designed to install with the factory door hinges left in place, it’s easy to insure that every installation results in perfect door alignment. Their gullwing door hinges are very reasonably priced, and are available in both styles for over 1000 applications. They also have the ability to machine them to suit just about any 2 or 4 door vehicles front or rear doors opening at different angles.

People often ask about parking next to other cars with Gull Wing doors. In fact, they are easier to get in and out than regular doors for because the door gets out of your way, and often requires less room to open than a regular doors. This is even more the case on vehicle with two doors, as demonstrated in this short video:

Here is a great photo showing just how much room is available even with the SLR/ZLR style gullwing doors installed. Because the door opens along the windshield pillar there is no issue with cars parked next to you. Vertically, they don’t actually go up any higher than a convertible top would opening and closing, making them easy to operate even in low clearance parking garages.

Shaved Doors

Our Manufacturer stocks shaved door kits for over 1000 different makes and model vehicles.

They only use heavy duty solenoids that don’t lose pull strength over time.

All systems come complete with everything required for installation, including relays and manual poppers to assist the solenoid.

All shaved door kits come with two remote key fobs for activation.

The shaved door kits are designed to be upgradable and can be used in conjunction with existing car alarms and OEM key fobs.

If you already own one of their shaved door kits, you may upgrade to fully automated doors at a discounted price.

If you purchased one of the fully automatic power doors, there is no need to purchase a separate shaved door kit because they are included with the full power door upgrade.

Door handles aren’t always the nicest looking feature on a vehicle; the solution is a quick shave to eliminate your exterior door handles. To remove your door handles you can install a shaved door handle kit that will allow you to open and close your doors by remote control key fab. This maintains the function, but eliminates the look of the handles and gives you a clean, sleek exterior. The shaved door kit can be installed on one or all of your doors, depending on the look you’re after.

When looking at shaved door kits it’s important to keep quality in mind. Our manufacturerer makes sure to match the size and weight of your door with the size of the popper and the solenoid in the shaved door kit. This is so important when buying your shaved doors! If you have too weak of a shaved door kit, your doors won’t open for you, and if they do, they won’t for long! Having quality internal components will save you hundreds on repair costs and frustration with not being able to get into your car! Here is a look at one of the regular production shaved door kits:

Our shaved door kits are complete.



The installation can be done in stages if you’re not ready to commit to completely removing your exterior door handles just yet. By just installing the ‘poppers’, you will be able to open and close your doors by remote, but the handles are still in place. When you’re ready to remove the outside door handle, any body shop can do the job quickly and easily for you. Or you can just drop off the shaved door kit at the shop and have any installer do it for you. Because our systems are of a higher quality and designed to work on the car they are sold for, the install process is much simpler.




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