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Wheelchair Van Consignment Sales by Vantastic Mobility

"Some things are best left to a professional"

I am a nationally recognized expert in sales of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, also known as Mobility Vans or Handicap Vans. I have a fantastic  Wheelchair Van Consignment Program to sell your van for you.

I will build a world class photo and video presentation of your vehicle and market and advertise it all over the internet directly to people and organizations who are looking for exactly what you are selling, independence and mobility. My award winning presentations along with our creative ads are linked to hundreds of websites and organizations where the wheelchair community frequently shops for mobility solutions. "We Fish Where The Fish Are" so to speak.

Marketing a wheelchair van is totally different than selling regular vehicles and my program is designed to capture the attention and interaction of people who are serious about purchasing a wheelchair accessible van.

My program also..

* Provides you with a Certified Appraisal to determine exactly what your vehicle is worth.

* Provides you with a guaranteed selling price in writing.

* I handle all of the calls, emails, text messages, and vehicle demonstrations.

* Keep you safe from Internet & Craigslist Scams and predators.

* My program keeps Internet predators and scammers from coming to your home.

* Guaranteed funds, we are experts in detecting bad checks, counterfeit cash and documents etc.No vehicle title transfer will take place until the funds are safely accounted for and handed over to you or your bank.

*I pre-qualify all leads, eliminate tire kickers and joy riders.

* I can take your vehicle to our indoor facility or you can keep it with you.

* I will take your vehicle on "Home Demonstrations" to people who cannot come to us to see it.

 * I will come to you to discuss the sales procedure and answer all of your questions.

* I provide shipping to out of state buyers and advise them on financing options.

I care about the buyer too...

I am a wheelchair user myself, so I understand the needs of the buyer, I speak their language and I build confidence because they will know that I care about them as well. 

Our professional experience and knowledge will help the buyer determine if your van will work for them as we can provide an individualized mobility assessment before they purchase to ensure they too are protected. I am passionate about my wheelchair van sellers and buyers. I not only want to help you sell but I truly want to make sure that the purchaser gets a van that will suit their needs and provide them with the best solution to their transportation needs. I believe that it is my obligation as a member of the wheelchair community to protect them from unscrupulous sellers and the unjust pricing of new van dealers. If this program seems like it may work for you, you can call me directly anytime to discuss.  


With kind regards,

Ryan Dulina

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C: 570-401-6120

Email: VantasticMobility@gmail.com



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Ryan Dulina - Mobility Specialist
(704) 839-0492

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5923 Stockbridge Dr. Suite D.
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Phone: (704) 839-0492
Phone: (570) 401-6120

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