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CROCO - Gear Train Opener

CROCO Gear Train Opener was design for for intensive work on the route. Produced since 2012 for 20 Van models. It is the most popular opener for commercial vehicles. Stylish design and high speed combined with reliability - that's what customers prefer CROCO for. More than 800,000 open/close cycles.


CROCO moves the door with a gear and a rack. The drive is located in the bus compartment on a rail mounted on the door. Lock Activator is located inside the door, unlocking the vehicle’s standard lock. The controller is located in the sidewall under panels.


CROCO is equipped with a powerful and compact motor and gear reducer with high efficiency, door speed up to 12 inch/sec.

CROCO can withstand the high loads of the city commercial use - over 1000 openings per day without overheating.

CROCO drive is reversible - this means that in the absence of power it can be moved manually along the rail. And when you close the door, you can push hard in the opposite direction, while the motor and gearbox will not break.

CROCO determines its position by means of a contactless encoder, which is much more reliable than traditional limit switches or “over-current” trip circuits.

CROCO equipped with modern controller that provide: automatic rollback when hitting an obstacle, sound notification to the driver, setting the opening width, opening from the inside and outside.

CROCO design fits harmoniously into the interior of any van. The teeth of the drive rail remain closed. The color scheme of the details is made in muted colors, which makes the pollution almost invisible. The installation time of the drive on the car, depends on installer experience two + hours



SEZAM is a rack-and-pinion drive, manufactured for cars with moderate door operation intensity, has a resource of over 100,000 door open and close cycles. The drive is in demand among carriers employed on intercity routes, corporate distribution of employees, transfer of tourists, etc. SESAM combines elegant design, proven reliability and reasonable price.


The SEZAM drive is installed on the door in the passenger compartment. Opening and closing is carried out by means of a worm gear from the gearbox to the sprocket, which engages with the rail. A lock drive is mounted inside the door, which helps to reduce the wear of the carriage rollers and provides a more reliable locking of the door.


The drive device is quite simple. It is based on the time-tested Bosch gearmotor, a pillow block bearing the main load from door movement, an asterisk and a safety rail made of durable polyamide with closed teeth.

The closed teeth of the staff reduces the risk of clothing and other objects getting into them, and also gives an aesthetic appearance. For unforeseen situations, the drive has an emergency door open lever, with which you can easily open the door manually from the inside of the bus. The drive frame has a damper spring, which serves to mitigate the impact of the drive on the rail stop when the door is opened. The design of the damper spring allows you to open the door for the entire length of the rail. Especially for those cases when it is necessary to increase the width of the door opening, a SEZAM drive with a vertical arrangement of a gear motor was developed. Installing such a drive allows you to increase the width of the door opening by 2 inches.


TROC - Cable Opener

The cable opener TROC is installed under the upholstery in the cabin, which allows you to not make changes to the seating arrangement. A strong cord with a polyamide core is used as a cable. To unlock the standard lock, a lock drive is mounted on the door. The controller is located in the door. The controller is located under the car interior covers.


The TROC Cable Opener carries out the opening and closing of the door by means of a traction cable, which is wound on the friction drum of the gearbox and then through the intermediate rollers is attached to the car door.

The TROC mechanism is reversible, therefore, even when the power is off, the door can be opened and closed manually, both inside and outside the car. The drive is equipped with a controller that has adjustment functions, the closing speed and opening width of the door, as well as the special V-max function, which provides the maximum door closing speed. The V-max function is necessary in cases where it is difficult to close the door of a car standing on a lift. For the safety, the drive has an automatic rollback function.






The PHOENIX drive is a new product of the Ador company, suitable for swing-type doors. It has a number of important advantages:

No door lift and high speed.

Reliability through the use of proximity sensors.

Resource of at least 500,000 door open and close cycles.

Easy installation and adjustment due to the absence of wedges.

Powerful and reliable rods, supports, levers and brackets.

It has all the necessary safety functions provided for in regulations No. 107 of the ECE ONN.

The ability to adapt the configuration and settings of the drive to the wishes of the customer.



The TWINGO drive is designed specifically for double-wing swing, swing-side and swing-type doors. Designed to work in city motor vehicles with an intensity of 1000 openings and closings per day.





The RINGO drive for swing doors has been designed specifically for Commercial and Public Transportation. RINGO will will and open smoothly and close tightly. The resource of this model exceeds 1 million cycles of opening and closing the door. The drive does not require maintenance, and the warranty period is 24 months. You will save time and money using our drive in your bus.



The RINGO drive is installed above the door. Opening and closing is carried out by transmitting rotational motion from the drive with traction to the standard rotary door lever. RINGO fully complies with UNECE international safety rules. It has a function automatic rollback, emergency opening of the door both inside and outside, as well as the function of blocking the opening of the door, when the car is moving over 2 miles per hour.



The drive is controlled by a reliable controller and a non-contact door position sensor - an encoder that eliminates the problem of oxidized limit switches.

Metal hinges mounted on the drive rod allow the drive to be operated in the most severe conditions. In the passenger compartment, it operates silently, as its mechanism uses a helical gear reducer. The drive gearbox is reversible, which means that the door can be manually opened and closed without damaging the mechanism. Installation by a trained specialist takes no more than one hour.